yoga bag personalized wax cotton maud fourier
yoga bag personalized wax cotton maud fourier

Yoga Bag - Peacock blue


Our personalized yoga bag in fuchsia and green print wax cotton has been designed for all yogis who want to carry their yoga mat and their outfit in a stylish and suitable bag.


Our Yoga Bag is the perfect sports bag. It will accompany you to your yoga sessions and is large enough to hold your yoga mat. It has been designed so that it can also hold your yoga outfit, a towel and even a bottle of water. A very practical berlingot format because you can fold it and carry it in your suitcases during your travels.

Each yoga bag will be unique because they are all made in a wax print fabric coupon in which we can only make a few bags. Its "My yoga bag" printed motif is made of silver glitter.

Can hold a 60cm wide mat, it has been tested and designed for this.

Product Details

Material Cotton