Circular straw basket with pineapple by maud fourier paris
straw basket with pineapple by maud fourier paris
Circular straw basket pineapple by maud fourier paris

PINEAPPLE Straw basket


Circular straw basket that has been handpainted in our parisian workshop to create a unique handbag.

  • 250 char. max

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This superb round basket hand painted in our Parisian workshop with a Pineapple pattern is one of the first models that Maud painted when she launched her brand. We wanted to re-edit it this year, many of you have asked us!

This personalized straw basket is a beach bag that can be worn in town or by the sea.

It will allow you to carry all your treasures and its round format is always so nice.

It is carried by hand or arm. Homemade. Hand painted in Paris in green and metallic bronze.

Product Details

Size Diameter +/- 35 cm
Type of wear hand-carried
Material Straw palm leaves
Time for customization 2 to 3 business days

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