raw basket lucien two-tone storage maud fourier
straw basket lucien bicolor storage maud fourier
straw basket lucien two-tone storage maud fourier

Straw basket - LUCIEN


The Lucien basket is a raw basket whose straw has been tinted with natural green pigments. Depending on how it was braided its stripes will vary from one model to another. Perfect as a large storage basket for your children's toys or laundry.


This woven palm leaf basket is a large basket ideal for decoration or storage or for taking to the beach.

It will allow you to store the toys of your cherubs but also your magazines!

In natural and green colors, the positioning of its stripes is random because it is entirely handcrafted.

Each basket is therefore unique. The one you receive will not necessarily be similar to these photos.

The dimensions may vary by a few centimeters from one basket to another.

Product Details

Size +/- : L50 x H30 x P20 cm
Type of wear hand-carried
Material Straw palm leaves
Raw Baskets Yes

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