Mini basket embroidered in collaboration with Amélie Challeat for Allez l'Amour. On its front the embroidered word "Allez" and on the back "L'amour ❤️". Pre-order until June 19, delivery from July 18, 2022. Each piece will be embroidered for you by the women artisans of the Moroccan cooperatives with whom we work in an equitable manner. 10% of profits will be donated to the SOS Préma association.


For this collaboration with Amélie Challeat we imagined 4 hand-embroidered baskets.

Here is the first model called LOUISE after my daughter's first name. It is small and carried by hand.

Embroidered on both sides with the embroidered word "Allez" on the front and "L'amour ❤️" on the back, these words are linked from one side of the basket to the other by a thread that holds them in a way that is as real as it is virtual. ..

Its small rope handles are covered with a hand-wound wool yarn to give it more style but also to make them soft to the touch. Made from palm leaves woven by women's cooperatives in Morocco, it is fair trade. Entirely embroidered by hand, it is artisanal. Also each basket will be unique.

It is perfect for a woman who wants a small basket to put her essentials (wallet, keys, phone and lipstick!). It is also very pretty as a decorative basket in which you can store your makeup in a bathroom for example, or toys in a child's room!

For a child it is perfect because it is adapted to its size. Thus a little girl or a little boy will be able to continue to imitate his parents by walking with a basket in which he will carry his cuddly toy everywhere with him. My daughter, for example, never leaves hers.

It will be delivered from July 18 because in the meantime it will be made with a lot of love by the women who will embroider them for you in Morocco.

Product Details

Size +/- opening width 30 x H 20/23 x D18 cm
Type of wear hand-carried
Material Straw palm leaves

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