Bohemian Cushions Upcycled Berber Blankets

Embellish your home with our chic bohemian cushions. Made from Berber vintage blankets that we recycle to give them a second life, each one is unique. You'll find beautiful cushions to place on your sofa, bed or bench. You can mix and match these cushions or mix and match the designs, for an original result that reflects your image. Discover colourful cushions in ethnic patterns, hand-woven checks or multicoloured stripes that are perfect for adding a touch of colour and originality to your home. You'll also find more sober cushions in more minimalist colours and designs for your interior decoration, which we offer in unbleached wool. Our cushions are available in a range of sizes and materials, so you can find the cushion or cushions best suited to your interior. Feel free to mix and match these cushions with other multicoloured cushions and with our recycled vintage berber blankets, which we offer in different sizes.

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