Bohemian chic multicoloured boxes

Welcome to our captivating collection of Berber boxes, bearers of a vibrant age-old heritage. These pieces are not simply decorative objects, but living witnesses to the ancestral craftsmanship of Berber women, lovingly passed down from generation to generation. Place these boxes in your space for a warm, bohemian ambience. Our collection reinvents Berber craftsmanship by revisiting traditional motifs with modern colours, creating boxes that fit perfectly into contemporary interiors. Adorned with intricate geometric patterns, these boxes reveal craftsmanship expertise, with colourful threads woven with skill. Each motif tells a story, often linked to nature or everyday life. Berber boxes, emblematic of North Africa, are under threat from competition from industrial materials. However, Berber craftsmen continue to perpetuate this tradition, helping to preserve their culture. Boxes, once used as bread baskets in Morocco, are being reinvented as objects of ethnic art, while retaining their practical utility. The process of creating our Berber boxes is steeped in traditions handed down for generations. The materials chosen, such as wool and wicker, reflect a respect for nature and an aspiration to create lasting pieces. In Morocco, women have been weaving these boxes by hand for thousands of years, using a variety of materials such as rush, palm leaves and wicker. Each carefully selected box brings warmth and originality to your home. Use them to store everything from blankets to magazines, adding a chic touch to your space. These Moroccan boxes, woven with care by women artisans, may have imperfections, making them unique and authentic. By choosing from our variety of colours, adopt a true emblem of Morocco. Our Berber boxes are much more than objects; they are an invitation to explore a rich history, embrace cultural heritage and merge the past with the present. Let yourself be enchanted by these unique pieces that bear witness to the cultural richness and timeless elegance of Berber boxes. Welcome to a world where history intertwines with art, where each box is a story to cherish.

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