tote bag bisous personalized cotton maud fourier
tote bag bisous personalized cotton maud fourier



Our personalized Tote bag Bisous in wax cotton is an adorable handbag. It's a perfect size to follow you every day and its original print makes it as stylish as you are!


Explore the perfect blend of casual elegance with our wax-print cotton tote bag, subtly embellished with the word "bisous" in satin gold. This accessory embodies a unique fusion of style and practicality, adding a touch of love and charm to your everyday life.

At the centre of attention, the word "bisous" shines delicately. Its size gives you plenty of room to carry your everyday essentials, whether you're on a shopping trip, out on the town or enjoying a relaxed day at the beach.

Choose casual elegance with this wax-printed cotton tote bag, where the golden word "kisses" turns every outing into a stylish and affectionate experience. 

Each bag will be unique because it's cut randomly from the fabric, so the placement of the print will always be a little different. 

Product Details

Size 35 x 43 cm
Type of wear Shoulder-carried
Material Cotton
Cleaning Tips 40° washable

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