Multicoloured Make up Cases with upcycled fabrics

Welcome to our collection of cases, a unique fusion of traditional Berber craftsmanship and contemporary Parisian chic. Each of our kits embodies the rich history of Berber plaids recycled by artisans' cooperatives, carefully transformed and personalised in our workshop in the heart of Paris. The Berber plaids, bearers of an age-old tradition, are meticulously selected by us in Morocco. Each piece tells a story, weaving a link between generations and communities. The patterns and vibrant colours are testimony to the authentic art of this ancient culture. In our Paris workshop, these pieces steeped in history are given a new lease of life. Our talented craftsmen bring Berber plaids back to life by transforming them into unique kits. Each kit is carefully designed, highlighting its original motifs while preserving the authenticity of each fabric. Individuality is at the heart of our creative approach. Each kit can be personalised according to your preferences. Whether you add an initial or letter in buckle or glitter, or embroidered or rhinestone badges, your kit becomes a unique piece, an extension of your personal style.